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Vassilis Zois, a student from a small Greek village, studies Medicine and travels to China, where he imports seeds of a scared plant.

A public employee working at the Bureau of Uncommon Inquiries receives the first request ever deposited at this Department since its making.

“She sat next to him, her new red patent shoes on, leg a-swinging so her grandpa would notice them being so beautiful!Her father had brought them for her on one of his trips. Since that day she had never stopped wearing them. She showed them off to everyone and they would all admiringly exclaim, ‘Oh my, what beautiful shoes!’ She felt so proud with them on.

Melanippe is an existential thriller, unfolding between magic realism and raw myth. The heroine, confined since the day she was born, hides her double nature inside a bizarre body.

High season is coming to an end in a small island of the Aegean, and as holidaymakers leave for the city, the cats they cared for during summer are now left alone and helpless. All together they will try to face the odds, to remain united as a team and to reach the other end of the island, the port, where they believe they will survive during the coming winter.

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