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Takis Stavropoulos is a forty-year-old lawyer in Athens in the 1990s. He is married to Iris, the only daughter of a politician he detests. Recognising that it may be the pinnacle of his career, he does his best in the case against Montezannes, who is accused of killing his wife and their two young children.

When Ralph Underhill, a researcher at MIT in Boston, hears a knock at the door, he opens it expecting to see his ex-girlfriend, Emily Payne, who has come to collect her things and move out of his house and his life. Instead, it’s his co-worker Henry Saulman, who has been gravely injured and collapses in front of him. Before passing out, Henry reveals an amazing secret: the lab computer has come up with the next prime number containing only the digits 4 and 7 in its huge sequence of numbers.

With his discerning eye for the details that comprise the larger picture, Aranitsis' novel chronicles the Kintis family, that spans three decades.

Kintis' daughter, Amalia, is a sensitive soul determined to devote her life to music, but ends up marrying Maragakis, the son of her father's attorney and political associate. They have two children together, Danae and Constantine.

At first sight this looks like a story about jealousy. However, the tale which emerges of unrequited love serves as an excuse for engaging with the pathological processes of the old world, of ownership, oedipal obsession and the urban elite. These are explored through a focus on their strangeness and on a kind of dark lyricism which they possess, and which accompanies the hero in an interminable, delirious interpretation of omens. The work is constructed out of sign language, hallucinations, and baffling suspensions and reversals of realistic behaviour, until the final disintegration.

This novel looks at the historical effort undertaken by the Greeks to free Egypt from Persian rule, based on Thucydides' account. In 460 BC, Greeks joined forces – with the exception of the Spartans – to begin a military campaign in Egypt. Although they initially defeated the Persians, in the end, they did not manage to free Egypt.

Meanwhile, the demagogues in Athens started a war with Sparta, resulting in the recall of the brunt of the fighting force to Greece. Five thousand men stayed behind, but were forced to withdraw from Egypt when Persian reinforcements began to arrive. Their only route to safety is was to cross the desert and reach the Greek city of Cyrene, located on the shores of Libya.

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