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A dinner between friends in a wonderful summer night in Athens. Everything seems nice and everyone looks happy till we see the details that make the difference.

Fear of losing job destroys old friendships, body needs don’t care about long date trust. A series of facts during that night will change the lives of most of these people.

Laura was barely two years old when in their ramshackle house in exile in Belgium her father Karl Marx and  ‘’uncle Fred’’ wrote the Communist Manifesto. She and her siblings would follow the path to exile and poverty in the steps of their parents, the revolutionary doctor of philosophy and his Red baroness, the aristocrat Jenny von Westphalen.

Paul was barely ten, when his father Francois Lafargue, after the bloody uprising of the slaves, hastily sold his coffee plantations in Cuba and returned with his wife and only son to Bordeaux- where he purchased vineyards.

Is it possible that six old women can create a gang? For what reason could this be? Who exactly are the members of that gang?

Morfo misses her daughter who lives in Germany,  Fofo is 90 years old but she decides to learn English, Eleni wears only trousers and was never married, Panagiota is really bored with her husband, Mari lost in one night her family and her social position, Maritsa has lost not only her big love Mari but her mind as well and Tila will soon be inmate of an abominable nursing home.

This novel takes place on an island with no airport and where the boats do not travel to during the winter months due to cuts in the public expenses. Thus creating a winter bound island.  During the winter, the inhabitants have to live with what they can stock in their warehouses.

Forced into an arranged marriage to a man with a sick passion for her, Eleni a beautiful, free spirited young woman, will be trapped in a web of degradation, pain, tears and intrigue. In her darkest hour a man will come to wake her up, and lead her to a world of love and tenderness. Then, catastrophe will come. Her lover will disappear her husband will be shot and Eleni, unable to prove her innocence, will be taken to prison. It is there she will give birth to a son who her in laws will swiftly snatch away from her. 

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