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Nina is 40 years old and lives in Santorini, cooking for the tourists in her small tavern. Her whole life seems squashed between the kitchen and the rooms she takes care for. But her real life is in her imagination.

Virginia spend hours by Saz’s side teaching him to read and write. His favorite books described the adventures of the great travelers of old, particulary Ibn Battutah, who had been born on the same day as him: 24 February. The Moroccan wanderer covered vast distances, chiefly because his guiding principle was to never journey the same road twice.

«Never the same road twice?» Saz asked his mentor.

In a suburb of Athens a solitary young photographer is attacked by strangers in his sister’s house. After a bloody, hand-to-hand battle he eventually kills the two invaders and his life changes radically, when discovers that the two murderers were looking for someone else and not him. A fatal mistake, a misunderstanding, is the cause for the violent overturning of his whole life.

Five chapters and twenty-five rhapsodies comprise the five parts of the novel entitled “Speaking Water”, the writing of which lasted seven years. Its subject: whether the imposition of Christianity has been accepted by the peoples it was imposed on or whether there are people who actually believe that the world is the creation of Love, and who propose the re-establishment of the “blissful, free polytheistic community” as the answer to the adulteration of man as well as the answer to the problems of the world and the planet itself. The hero is a Greek tycoon Paul Kiroularios, from the ship-owners’ island, Chios, born in London, where he lives and manages his business.

Coming from a well-respected family from the Rhone wine making region in France, Marie-Agnes has learnt from childhood to love the land and cultivate vines. Her father is the governor of Chile where she grows up.

While still very young she falls in love with Juan, but he was thought to be her mother’s lover and her father kills him. Her father is ousted and disgraced before being put to death. Marie-Agnes and her mother try to escape overseas to Europe, but her mother’s violent death forces Marie-Agnes to return to Chile, where, disguised as a boy, she works in her family’s land. There she meets Juan, who has escaped death. But after a brief intense love affair Juan perishes in an accident.

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