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This novel deals with obsession. It is the story of a solitary man and his private, hermetic world constructed from the sense of touch. His world is experienced through his hands and defined through shapes.

A many-layered tale in which the main character is the place. The enclosed, stifling city. Strange and lonely people. A young man travels through glossy magazine photographs while at the same time his beloved sets fire to the bed she had through adolescence. A black-clad woman, entranced like an ancient priestess, frightens passers-by with her wild dancing.

It is extremely important that my motives aren’t misconceived. I never meant to harm anybody.

I didn’t want to cause destruction. It wasn’t my aim to deprive of that which was priceless.

I sought only to liberate from that considered to be of unrivalled perfection. I perceived myself to be offering a gift, an exit, a challenge. I opened the window and saw it glowing, through its electric, orange veil. I was right. It had to fall, no matter what the cost.

The main character of the book bears no name, only the initials: H.K. He remains a teenager.

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