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“It’s capitalism, stupid!”

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The perpetrators of the Crisis and the “Obligation” of their overthrow – A polite reply to the praetorian Memoranda.

How many poor people are needed to produce one rich person?  Who are the creators of debt and deficits, and how do they create them?  Who is responsible for the crisis in Greece and the world?  Does the crisis have a social, economic, or political signature?  Is it caused by everyone?  Does everyone pay?  Who benefits from the crisis, and exactly how?  And how is it that during the 3-year period from 2008 to 2010 that tens of millions were added to the ranks of absolute poverty, misery and unemployment, while the number of billionaires on the planet doubled?  A workbook for not only understanding what’s happening in the world in general – and in Greece in particular – but also why?

The new book by Nikos Bogiopoulos analyzes the nature and causes of the global financial crisis, and directs the debate to the value of building the socialist road of development.

“Before you can know what’s right, you need to know what’s a mistake,” John Kenneth Galbraith used to say.  He might have added:  “…and what’s a lie.” 

In Greece today,  N. Bogiopoulos notes, the proof of what is a mistake and what is a lie behooves one to consider one additional factor:  because the country became a guinea pig  in the hands of the perpetrators of the crisis, who appear as phony saviors of the Greek people.

After describing the functioning of capitalism, the author seeks to explain the reasons for the abysmal social inequalities prevailing on the planet. He examines the “Greek question”; and all that evidence that the Memorandum praetorians have banished from public debate are revealed:  What is debt?  Who created it, and how?  How is debt terrorism exploited?  What is intended by the Memoranda?  

In the third part of the book, the book closes suggesting a solution.  Because a solution does exist and as always progress is the realization of one utopia after another.

Certainly this utopian march forward of reconstruction and rebirth of Europe and the world isn’t easy.  It is however a process infinitely easier, and considering the potential effectiveness from every aspect, manifestly realistic, unlike the dead-end street of the immeasurable, pointless and unbearable sacrifices incurred by the people and their place in society, in order for plutocrats and their rotten political system to come out winners.

Livanis, 2011, 473 pages

Bogiopoulos Nikos

Nikos Bogiopoulos was born in 1967 in Athens.  He studied at the Economics Department of the University of Athens.  He has been working since 1992 as a journalist at Rizospasti.

He has collaborated with radio stations and magazines.  Former books: the Balkans – 78 days NATO’s “target” (Contemporary Era Editions); and in cooperation with Dimitris Milakas, Football:  A religion without true believers (Livanis Publishing Organization).

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