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What a deep sleep!

On puppy’s nose

a grasshopper.

Edgar and the secret of the buried dress is the first in a series of stories starring a young Edgar Allan Poe. It is set in early 19th century England, where, according to his biographers, Poe lived with his foster parents and was also a boarder in a private school for boys.

16 year old Alice is fed up with her life with her parents: her father is jobless since a moment now and money problems create cracks in the couple and the family.

Pug bear is not having a good day.

The family he is living with have just moved home to Greece and have had a child.

“That smelly, sticky little human is taking up all their attention and I’ve had enough.”

Pug bear is not a bear to be ignored and, in a fit of jealousy, he decides to leave his home and go off on an adventure.

Pug bear has been short- tempered to the baby Jo-Jo and for his crime he is visited by an Erinyes, a terrifying mythical creature that will torment him until he is good, selflessly good.

And Pug has a feeling that for him, being good, is going to be terribly bad.

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Winston, Yuri, Dee Dee and I.Q, four specially trained dogs, are sent into Space to help save mankind. Unfortunately one of them doesn’t think mankind is very kind…

Winston, the reluctant hero is not having a good day. He is standing in his Astro-suit, in an air-lock on the Space ship the ‘Tin Can,’ and is about to be ejected into deep Space.

Gdoup! The Secret Diary of Lina I s the story of a 9-year old girl told through her diary entries. She’s 9 years and 39 days old. She counts the days and not the months because days go by faster.

What makes the story so special and powerful is the girl’s rather wry take on life. She doesn’t believe adults when they tell her things, always trying to get around the constant

dos and don’ts her life is riddled with. ‘I hate it when people ask me how I’m doing at school. It’s the stupidest thing to ask. No, the stupidest thing to ask is if I’m a good girl.