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Lida Loizou is considered the best actress of her time. It is the premiere of her latest stage role and everything is going dreamily until something unexpected happens. In the middle of the last act, a man dressed in a white suit and wearing a hat that conceals his face, rises from his seat and jumps onto the stage. The man tells Lida disconcerting things that affect her deeply, and invites her to a place called Spiritia before disappearing. Lida passes out on stage, and the play comes to a halt. After she comes to, Lida soon realises that no one else in the theatre saw this man.

An author’s life has hit rock bottom. Then he receives an unexpected invitation to teach a literature course in the States and decides to go, leaving behind the ghosts of his past. But his new world holds still worse in store. Which is why he rents a Ford one morning and loses himself in the desert. There, he meets the man who turns his life upside down forever; the man in the black Mustang.

Sunday, October 4, 2009: The day of the legislative elections. While Greece is on the threshold of a new phase in its history, with the global financial crisis knocking persistently on her door, two people come together under unexpected circumstances: Vassilis, a taciturn nineteen-year-old trying to solve the riddle of his father’s suicide, and petros, a middle-aged journalist mourning the death of his wife for many years.

In the beginning of the last century Aneza and Linardos marry, defying their social class differences, but their love will not survive their marriage.

Their daughter Venice will grow up with Anghelos, the son of a steward, a handsome man with a limp. Venice will marry a shipowner but will become Angelo’s mistress. Living on an island in a small community their life will be difficult which will cause their love to die. They will part even though they have a daughter in secret.

Lambros P. lives all alone for years in Germany hiding from something. During the festivities of 2004 Olympics in Athens he decides to return when he reads in a Greek newspaper that Theophilos, an old torturer of the junta is actually in the hospital but was during all these years –after 1974- member of the party of extreme right.

Revenge is calling Lambros P. back to his country.

PARIS, 1818. A female Robinson Crusoe, Madame Jeupardieu, visits the young painter Théodore Géricault in his Montmartre studio. She has a myriad of personal stories to tell, first and foremost being her experience amidst the wreck of the naval frigate Méduse, which set sail in June 1816 for the purpose of establishing an African colony when it struck the Banc d’Arguin and sank, causing a major political scandal. From the astonishing scenes that took place on the raft carrying the few survivors, Géricault will draw inspiration for the painting set to grant him everlasting fame. In The Raft of the Medusa, he will incorporate the odyssey of all humankind and lay the foundations for the Romantic movement.

In the first novella in the book, an ancient Chinese book on chess falls into the hands of Mr Morgan. As the old man begins reading the book, he discovers that it possesses the power to make its readers relive their past. However, this book’s power is not without a cost… In the second novella, two friends are shipwrecked in the middle of the Indian Ocean and are picked up by the crew of a cruise liner on its way to Macao. However, the two heroes soon realize that they are trapped on a voyage that conceals many secrets and riddles.

Four seasons succeed one another, compressing the aroma of an entire life: a huge piano, no longer in use, one hundred and twenty eight pairs of shoes hidden in a room. In front of the window, crimson flowers grow day by day, as if in an abnormal way. Three voices unravel a story: a man, a woman and a narrator – or is it the man who rewrites facts? The past and the present come to light through parallel monologues and silence. Pauses. Dashes. Lives fixed on a detail.

Metaixmio, 144 p.

The Divine Book of Ungodly Recipes, How To Bake Your Own God was published in 2005 by Periplous Publishers. It is a tongue-in-cheek book on faith, or lack thereof.

It reads like a cookbook, containing 18 recipes on how to bake your own God. The first sixteen Gods cater to more specific needs (e.g. finding true love, losing weight, getting appliances to stop malfunctioning, coping with stress, getting laid, dealing with dilemmas, etc.) The last two gods are more sombrely written, and talk about how to cope with the adversities of life. There is also a snacks addendum containing minor saints – all humorous.

The novel centers around the life of 9-year-old Astarte and her parents. What made them a

family? What will keep them together, when forces bigger than themselves threaten to tear them apart?

Everything begins when Astarte gets abducted by child-traffickers. Her parents respond differently to the crisis. They hire private detectives to assist the police in their search for their daughter. Her father comes up with a desperate plan to infiltrate the world of child trafficking and find his daughter that way. Her mother spirals into drug-induced apathy.

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