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Athens, in some vague but maybe near future…

An unsuspecting woman, journalist of medical reports, arrives in a weird psychiatric clinic to gather information about a strange patient. Unfolding his memories through his writings and works of art, she’ll discover the obsession of this isolated man with the escapement from the tyranny of time and the traumas of memory, while, along with the reader, she will confront the dark wonders of adolescence and the horror of the absolute Evil that uses the deserted centre of a dying city as its hideout. She experiences the awe of the end of Time and takes the fatal step to meet her other half, unwittingly risking her own existence.

Five chapters and twenty-five rhapsodies comprise the five parts of the novel entitled “Speaking Water”, the writing of which lasted seven years. Its subject: whether the imposition of Christianity has been accepted by the peoples it was imposed on or whether there are people who actually believe that the world is the creation of Love, and who propose the re-establishment of the “blissful, free polytheistic community” as the answer to the adulteration of man as well as the answer to the problems of the world and the planet itself. The hero is a Greek tycoon Paul Kiroularios, from the ship-owners’ island, Chios, born in London, where he lives and manages his business.

When Ralph Underhill, a researcher at MIT in Boston, hears a knock at the door, he opens it expecting to see his ex-girlfriend, Emily Payne, who has come to collect her things and move out of his house and his life. Instead, it’s his co-worker Henry Saulman, who has been gravely injured and collapses in front of him. Before passing out, Henry reveals an amazing secret: the lab computer has come up with the next prime number containing only the digits 4 and 7 in its huge sequence of numbers.

Pavlos was plagiarizing Nobel prize-winning poets; he would play around with words, phrases, meanings and before you knew it the commercial was ready: high literature at the service of the customer. But there would be no more of that. After a government’s directive forcing book-stores to take down all poetry from their shelves, he was at a loss: Where would he turn to now for inspiration?

Day by day the New Bios shopping centre engulfs more and more public buildings, roads and squares in its premises. Spreading fast and furiously, New Bios transforms Athens into a post-futuristic corporate city, where employees turn to assume citizenship of New Bios, abiding solely by its rules and its corporate judicial system.

Coming from a well-respected family from the Rhone wine making region in France, Marie-Agnes has learnt from childhood to love the land and cultivate vines. Her father is the governor of Chile where she grows up.

While still very young she falls in love with Juan, but he was thought to be her mother’s lover and her father kills him. Her father is ousted and disgraced before being put to death. Marie-Agnes and her mother try to escape overseas to Europe, but her mother’s violent death forces Marie-Agnes to return to Chile, where, disguised as a boy, she works in her family’s land. There she meets Juan, who has escaped death. But after a brief intense love affair Juan perishes in an accident.

Isidoros Georgiou is young and well educated. Presentable and boundlessly ambitious. With powerful connections and indifferent to the political situation. He is working as a teacher of people with hearing problems and, around 1970, he is selected as a news presenter in sign language at the newly formed national television. Every night, a little after eight, the entire nation is attentively watching on their tv screens, this intriguing man who claims that he speaks through gestures.

Thanos left his village eleven years ago to look for his dreams in the capital. 'Nothing of me is visible', is his motto in the magic melting pot called Athens, where he stumbles from one downfall to the next. When his father dies, he returns to the village for the funeral. The paternal legacy is a small sum of money but also an old Polaroid photograph that will place before him a terrible enigma: an odd dissonance in the otherwise uneventful life of a peace loving man. In order to solve this unexpected riddle, he will have to resolve some core issues of his own.

The father is oppressive, sadistic, corrupt. The mother is god-fearing, transcendental, submissive. The three children scattered here and there, trying to exorcise the dark family secrets no-one wishes to face. The moon-like landscape of Santorini maintains the relationships at high temperatures. Years later the father asks them all to spend Easter at the family hoe in Ia. They turn up at the island, not suspecting that during the course of the next ten days they are to experience perhaps the most earth-shattering events of their lives. Spirits flare, past and present ghosts make their appearance. What is to happen however is that which the human mind cannot easily fathom.

Stefanos is a young programmer in a large IT company. He lives in a completely rational world, believing there is an explanation for everything in life. Suddenly, into his daily routine there comes a woman, Eleni. The “Stefanos” system starts to come unravelled, love rocks his mechanical view of his universe, yet resistance to change is still strong. At some point, however, the unexpected happens: Eleni disappears in mysterious circumstances.

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