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While diving in the deep waters of a small Aegean island, Manos Karpidis will catch a glimpse of a beautiful nude woman who will swiftly disappear. Manos will ask around about her but no one seems to know anything. A couple of days later he will meet the woman again and they will both embark on a relationship full of passion and mystery. The body of a murdered man found just off the island will create havoc as the police come over and start questioning people.

They nicknamed me “Alley Cat!” as if they were the ultimate judges of morality. I never knew my father and grew up in an orphanage after my mother perished in that fire. I fell in love, was betrayed and ended up in hospital my soul and body in shatters. That is when I decided never to let anyone come close enough to hurt me again. Yes, I did use men. But, did they not get what they came after me for? My husband was not a “Don” as people said.

Are recurring dreams an omen? Are they warnings? Or are they a manifestation of a disturbed mind? From high society Boston across the ocean to London’s West End we follow Julia’s steps as struggles with her kaleidoscopic nightmare.

With her mind on the brink of an abyss, Julia will resort to bizarre methods in order to safeguard her marriage to the man she is obsessed with. Robert, Julia’s husband, is trapped out of honor and loyalty, in a marriage of compassion devoid of happiness. While on a business trip to Rome, among ancient ruins Robert will meet a woman who will give him all the happiness, the laughter and tenderness he has been missing.

It is March 2011 and the financial crisis has stretched across the earth. It controls everything and imposes its own rules. But on West 23rd Street, in Manhattan, New York, in one of the most charming hotels in the world, at the Hotel Chelsea, as if in some other place, some other time, someone is trying to keep a promise that he made ten years before: a promise of eternal love.

Thessaloniki 1945. Stavros is an evil man and he makes his best to betray Jewish people when asked by nazis. This is just because he wants to become rich.

Thesaloniki 2006. Moses and Ariane are facing Romeo and Julietta problems when they want to be together. Will History destroy their lives ? Will justice win after 50 years ?  And will love survive time and differences ?

August 1965. Wannsee lake. Berlin. A family trying to escape breaks in pieces.

October 1986. West Berlin. Athens. Tucson. The remain of the family trying to unite again.

November 1994. Florence. Three people in passionate relations.

August 2002. Siros island. Greece. Someone’s return.

This historical novel is based on the true story of Aristodemus the Spartan, as narrated by Herodotus in the books Polymnia and Calliope of his Histories.

The Battle of the Thermopylae has just ended, with the well-known outcome; the royally-descended Aristodemus is the sole survivor out of Leonidas’s 300 warriors. Temporarily blinded, he returns to Sparta, seeking to get back into fighting the Persians once he recovers his eyesight.

Virginia spend hours by Saz’s side teaching him to read and write. His favorite books described the adventures of the great travelers of old, particulary Ibn Battutah, who had been born on the same day as him: 24 February. The Moroccan wanderer covered vast distances, chiefly because his guiding principle was to never journey the same road twice.

«Never the same road twice?» Saz asked his mentor.

The four most popular presenters on Greek television are kidnapped by a previously unheard-of terrorist organization, whose members incarcerate them in a basement fitted out as a television studio. They tie them back to back, fill the space with monitors and video walls and record them 24/7, broadcasting everything that happens inside on a closed circuit, and playing all the kidnappees’ old programmes —every last one of them— on the monitors.

The most glamorous, popular and independent woman in the country falls in love. A true media superstar who said : "I am above everybody else and underneath him," exasperating feminists for whom she is their idol.

A great love in the decade 1990 -2000.

He is a gifted writer, solitary, introverted and eccentric, descended from the wildest, socially deprived neighbourhood of the port of Piraeus. He worked in the advertising but decided to stop his successful career and devote himself to his writing. 

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