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The plot of the novel is based on a real fact and it takes place in one year’s time. The main characters are members of a family: the father, a 63 year-old pharmacist, the eldest daughter, 28 year-old Eve, a biologist doing research concerning microchips that could recall the memory, and the teenager son Aris, aged 17. These three are also the narrators of the story as each chapter is presented by one of them, in his own particular style.

In a suburb of Athens a solitary young photographer is attacked by strangers in his sister’s house. After a bloody, hand-to-hand battle he eventually kills the two invaders and his life changes radically, when discovers that the two murderers were looking for someone else and not him. A fatal mistake, a misunderstanding, is the cause for the violent overturning of his whole life.

High season is coming to an end in a small island of the Aegean, and as holidaymakers leave for the city, the cats they cared for during summer are now left alone and helpless. All together they will try to face the odds, to remain united as a team and to reach the other end of the island, the port, where they believe they will survive during the coming winter.

This novel takes place on an island with no airport and where the boats do not travel to during the winter months due to cuts in the public expenses. Thus creating a winter bound island.  During the winter, the inhabitants have to live with what they can stock in their warehouses.

These powerful and poignant monologues, narrate the rising of fascism in a society that lives a crisis she can’t bear. Different inhabitants of the same area in the center of Athens are the persons who talk. It’s not only without money that these people are left, a lack of education is obvious. But who can tell who will finally lead angry and desperate people ?

This novel looks at the historical effort undertaken by the Greeks to free Egypt from Persian rule, based on Thucydides' account. In 460 BC, Greeks joined forces – with the exception of the Spartans – to begin a military campaign in Egypt. Although they initially defeated the Persians, in the end, they did not manage to free Egypt.

Meanwhile, the demagogues in Athens started a war with Sparta, resulting in the recall of the brunt of the fighting force to Greece. Five thousand men stayed behind, but were forced to withdraw from Egypt when Persian reinforcements began to arrive. Their only route to safety is was to cross the desert and reach the Greek city of Cyrene, located on the shores of Libya.

Nina is 40 years old and lives in Santorini, cooking for the tourists in her small tavern. Her whole life seems squashed between the kitchen and the rooms she takes care for. But her real life is in her imagination.

A woman travels continuously, with her back turned to time and space. A little girl wants to

become Christ and, up to a certain point, she isn't doing too badly. A grandmother wakes up from anesthesia speaking French. A flooded room. A concert at the music venue 'Gagarin'. An add. Two Angels, one make-believe and one false. A train crossing a room. A marriage proposal. 'Knifed Time' and a series of suspects. 'A Clueless Fairy'. The 'Garden of Ephemeral Delights'. The deadliest sin.

February 2000. A Woman arrives in a small town by the sea. As everybody in this novel, she has no name but just property or profession. She is waiting for someone who won’t come. She is a stranger and the inhabitants will react to her presence creating thrilling, sometimes ridiculous or even tragicomic situations.

In a mouldering and crumbling Athens, Argyris Trikorfos, former owner of a flourishing family business manufacturing buttons, is struggling to pull through by working as a taxi driver. But his real problems start on the day he finds in his vehicle a lost purse full of money. Trying to do the right thing, he is drawn into a personal adventure which brings him up against everyone and everything: his family, his friends and colleagues, the Police and the Media.

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