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The manuscipt of the dead

In the darkness of the 10th century A.D., Theodorus Philetas, a university professor, is forced to flee from Constantinople to Damascus with his friends, the Arab Bashar ibn Fathi and the young Leon Peleuses, following an unsuccessful conspiracy against the emperor.

Leon stumbles upon a forbidden book kept hidden by a Jewish merchant, Joel, and his beautiful daughter, Rebecca. Theodorus comes upon the book, which proves to be nothing less than the notorious Al Azif by the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. Forced again to flee, Theodorus goes to Cyprus, taking the book with him. Reading it, he begins producing a translation, calling it Necronomicon.

This thrilling novel by Antonis Antoniadis vividly recreates the historical circumstances that led Theodorus Philetas to translate Alhazred’s Arabic text into Greek. Along the way, the reader is captivated by horrors both real and supernatural. We are shown the ravages of “shadowmorphs”—supernatural entities who have been summoned by a star-stone that can open the gateway to creatures from other planets. In a spectacular climax, Philetas and his cohorts must prevent the entry into our world of the cosmic entity Dagon, as predicted in Alhazred’s tome. Is it any wonder that the Patriarch Michael banned the Necronomicon and forbade devout Christians from reading its unholy pages?

English rights sold

Hippocampus Press, 2015, 345 p. Brainfood, 2018

Antoniadis Antonis

Antonis Antoniadis was born in Germany. He graduated from the Belgrade School of Physical Therapy; yet, as is the case with many scientists, he never exercised his specialty, having been won over by writing.

He worked as an editor-in-chief and director of numerous magazines. In 2003 he organized the production of a historical TV series, which was transmitted on public television. He has contributed texts in many collective books. His own published books are:  Delphi: The Political Plans of the Priesthood, Strange Narrations by Ancient Greeks. Today, he lives and works in Drama, northern Greece.

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