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These powerful and poignant monologues, narrate the rising of fascism in a society that lives a crisis she can’t bear. Different inhabitants of the same area in the center of Athens are the persons who talk. It’s not only without money that these people are left, a lack of education is obvious. But who can tell who will finally lead the angry and desperate people?

French, American and Canadian rights sold

Film rights sold (America square, 2017)

AMERIKA SQUARE is a film is based on this title. Mixing a kinetic visual style with ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling, Amerika Square is an unflinching look at economic crisis, racism and the mass migration economy—where “borders are business. Coproduction countries: Greece, Germany, UK. Film festivals official competition selection (so far): Busan International Film Festival (6-15 October 2016), Chicago International Film Festival (13-27 October 2016).

“Yannis Tsirbas has produced a densely written story on complex issue in a mind-blowing language.” Demosthene Kourtovik, Ta Nea

“A provocative non-dialogue.” Le Monde

“In these times with images that lie, a necessary antidote.” Daniel Bégard, Olé

“Incisive, efficient, recommended.” Oedipe Purple

“A remarkable sociological and anthropological comment on Athens today, this small book is a must, and is promising for the author’s literary future.” Kostas Aorastos, Bookpress

“In prose and in fighting, watch out for the little guy. The brevity of this story is equalled only by its muscle. Like a blow to the gut. It makes you feel the harsh reality of a society in crisis that knocks you over, moral vacuum, social violence and racism that we call ordinary until it becomes criminal. In short, 75 pages to convey the banality of evil that is eating us away. Powerful!” Philippe Guazzo, Le comptoir des mots, Paris

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NEFELI, 2013, 58 P.

Tsirbas Yannis

Yannis Tsirbas was born in 1976. He studied Political Sciences, political behaviour and communication in Athens and Essex. He is working in a statistics company and teaches Methodology of research in the University. He has received many awards for short stories published in different literary magazines.

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