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Athos, the Forester

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What place can the recurrent crime have in the reality of a long-lasting war, be it a war of liberation or a civil one, a social war or an individual struggle for survival? What is the point of civilians being sacrificed, when these are merely unsuspecting victims of vengeance?

On December 13, 1943, the Germans act in retaliation by machine- gunning all the noncombatant men in Kalavryta. Only the women are left to bury their dead. Marianthi and her daughter Margarita flee the town. In 1955, Margarita’s daughter is born. Now a doctor, Lefki is haunted by that old war crime and lives in the shadow of her grandfather, Athos, Marianthi’s husband, who worked as a forester in the Kalavrita region. Lefki dedicates her life to treating her patients and alleviating their agony, while investigating the Nazi massacre. But could Athos really have been one of the thirteen survivors of that mass execution?

French and German rights sold

English and Italian extracts available

TO RODAKIO, 2014, 277 P.

Stefanopoulou Maria

Maria Stefanopoulou was born in Athens, in 1958. She has studied Philology in the University of Rome and Drama in Stockholm and Paris. Published works of hers include fiction, plays and essays.

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