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Flashlight between the teeth

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This is a non-fiction book on Athens, where poverty is gaining place and making Athenians feel very differently from some years ago. The author is walking around the city and takes photographs of people who are living in conditions where dignity seems forgotten. One part of the book consists of a dialogue with an Athenian homeless whom Chryssopoulos met for some days and it also contains photos.

The inspiration came to the author when he saw a homeless searching in a dustbin with a flashlight between his teeth .

Chryssopoulos continues his philosophical approach of being, tries to feel how a human can live without dignity, compares antique ruins and human ones and takes a look in the relation that exists between image and reality.


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Polis, 2012, 128 p.

Chryssopoulos Christos

Christos Chryssopoulos was born in Athens in 1968. He travels a lot and is devoted to writing and Literature Theory. His web-page is: Todate, the following books have been published : The language box (2006); Imaginary museum (2005); Schuyata (2004); Enclosed world (2003); Encounters (Listasafn,Reykjavik, 2003); The Black Dress (RCIPP, N.J., 2002); The manicurist (2000); Napoleon Delastos’ recipes (1997), and Laura Jackson’s London day (2008) which received the Academy of Athens Award.”The Manicurist”, “Enclosed World” and “The Parthenon Bomber” have been translated into French by Actes Sud. For his last book on Athens apart the translation by Actes Sud, a work in progress is on its way for October 2013 on ARTE TV.

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