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The diver

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An unknown elderly man orders the detective Chris Pappas to inquire about a young German woman, Eva Dempling.

Chris will follow her in an Hamburg hotel where she meets her lover. The next morning, the unknown man who had called Chris, is found dead, hanged in the room Eva spent the night.

Chris follows Eva in Greece, back to his home village. She is dead when he finds out that the unknown elderly man was Anton Rot, the writer of the book “The Diver”. His son is a doctor who cares of children with serious health problems. He had co-starred in an amateur film with Eva Dempling.

Why does a short movie drag everyone into the cruel secrets of the past?

The detective must watch the movie in order to revive the cruelest truth.

A stunning novel where the meaning of good and evil is mixed and self-sacrifice is parallel to murder.

French rights sold (Actes Sud), German translation available.

IKAROS, 2018

Efstathiadis Minos

Minos Efstathiadis (born 1967) studied Law in Athens and in Hannover. He has written the novels “Exodus” (Anatolikos 2000) and “Without language” (Kastaniotis, 2004).

His play “The Meal” (Eurasia 2012) received the first prize in National Competition for Original Theatrical Play in 2011. It appeared on the Greek stage during 2011/12 and 2014. It has been translated in French and German. The play participated in the international contest EURODRAM in Germany and was among the 10 finalists in 2014.

His novel “The second part of the night” (Oceanida 2014) has been translated into German (Acabus Verl. 2014).

He received the prize Fiction Feature Script in the London Greek Film Festival in 2016 for the script “Lost horse” that he wrote together with Stela Alisanoglou.

He lives next to the sea.

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