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Margarita and the Sunflowers

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Margarita and the Sunflowers is a detective comedy, circling around Margarita Trianti, a young painter prone to outrageous and unexpected situations. She crosses Europe to find refuge in Trisvatha, her hometown in the mountains of Corinth, trying to escape her pursuers, London's Russian mob. There, however, her problems catch up with her in the form of the gigantic Dimitri, sent by arch-mobster Sergei. And as Margarita believes the game is over and prepares to give in, Dimitri is found dead.

So, accused by the Greek police of murder, and with mobsters after her, she is trying to find a way to prove her innocence and save her own life. She finds help in the face of Stefanos, who rents a little house in her family's farm. Soon the duo realizes there is a ruthless killer and antiquities smuggler with international connections living in the area. This person has “introduced” Margarita to the Russian mob, and has now entangled her in all this in the interest of settling his own accounts.

Prospective killers abound in this little village where everybody has secrets to hide and scores to settle, while Margarita comes up against successive reversals and mortal dangers.

Hidden secrets, illicit love affairs, humor and bittersweet everyday realities get in her way as she seeks a happy ending, which doesn't come the way she would expect. This is the first novel narrating the adventures of the unadmittedly romantic Margarita, a different and (in a simple way) complex girl of today.

Antoniou Michaela

I was born in Piraeus. I spent my childhood and adolescence in Athens and Salonica, two cities I came to adore. I grew up in the theatre and by that impetus I decided to become an actress. I studied at the National Theatre Drama School. For a time, I worked on stage, television and cinema. When I realized acting wasn't exactly what I wanted, I tried to expand my horizons. I studied at the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the University of Athens. I pursued postgraduate studies in London. I lived there for three years. I was awarded a doctorate. The day I completed it, I knew that there was no chance I would ever embark on an academic career; that, ultimately, the only reason I spent endless hours researching, writing and deleting, was to learn how to handle a story, set it up and narrate it. That is how I started writing, and that is how I finished my first novel, Margarita and the Sunflowers. I hope other novels will follow. I live in Athens and I have a daughter.

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