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Dolgeras Lakis

Dolgeras Lakis

Lakis Dolgeras was born in 1945. He studied dentistry in Athens where he lives.

He has one son and two grand-children. He has written two novels and short stories.

An author is writing successful crime novels inspired by true facts.

He gives his forth book to his editor and to us, the readers, to read part by part.

We come to know how Vlassis Demertzis is re-judged after seven years in prison for the murder of his young and beautiful wife who from time to time was leaving their two kids to work as a whore to gain some money (but was it the only reason ?).

Dimis, the author who writes successful crime novels inspired by true facts is depressed as he was left by his girl-friend. He is beginning a group therapy where he meets Aliki who is dealing with a  difficult marriage with distant Nikos. But Nikos disappears. Dimis finds Aliki very attractive and does his best to help her. At the same time he is writing a book on the kidnapping of Eleonora, a true fact of some years ago. Aliki and Dimis will become very close and finally lovers. Do they really want Nikos to come back ?