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Tzamiotis Konstantinos

Tzamiotis Konstantinos

Konstantinos D. Tzamiotis was born in Larisa in 1970 and now lives in Athens. He studied Film, and has worked in television, advertising and the cinema. He has been the editor of Highlights, a culture magazine, for several years. His previous books are The meeting (Indiktos, 2002), Deep well (Indiktos, 2003) and Level of difficulty (Indiktos, 2004). His first play, No man’s land, won the ThirdState Prize for new playwrights. He represented Greece with that same play in the European Anthology of Plays of the Salvatore Quasimodo Institute of Budapest.

The meeting has also been published in Italian (Effigie, 2004).

In a mouldering and crumbling Athens, Argyris Trikorfos, former owner of a flourishing family business manufacturing buttons, is struggling to pull through by working as a taxi driver. But his real problems start on the day he finds in his vehicle a lost purse full of money. Trying to do the right thing, he is drawn into a personal adventure which brings him up against everyone and everything: his family, his friends and colleagues, the Police and the Media.

Isidoros Georgiou is young and well educated. Presentable and boundlessly ambitious. With powerful connections and indifferent to the political situation. He is working as a teacher of people with hearing problems and, around 1970, he is selected as a news presenter in sign language at the newly formed national television. Every night, a little after eight, the entire nation is attentively watching on their tv screens, this intriguing man who claims that he speaks through gestures.

The world belongs primarily to the sphere of the possible. Though passé, it extends beyond every human certainty. C.A. Rontas often ponders the meaning of this illogical magnitude. Void of love, weighed down by excessively commonplace convictions and non-negotiable motives, he is forced to constantly recall his own dimensions in order to assign at least some significance to his existence...