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Charitopoulos Dionysis

Charitopoulos Dionysis

Dionysis Charitopoulos, was born in 1947 and is one of the most celebrated Greek contemporary writers. He belongs to the privileged elite who write works of quality literature that quickly become bestsellers and remain classics. His books were published again this year by Topos editions.

The most glamorous, popular and independent woman in the country falls in love. A true media superstar who said : "I am above everybody else and underneath him," exasperating feminists for whom she is their idol.

A great love in the decade 1990 -2000.

He is a gifted writer, solitary, introverted and eccentric, descended from the wildest, socially deprived neighbourhood of the port of Piraeus. He worked in the advertising but decided to stop his successful career and devote himself to his writing. 

Aris was born in 1905 and early enough he displayed an inclination for adventure and a sincere interest in the poor of the Country.

He became a member of the Communist Party of Greece, but despite the success of his missions, he was struck off for serious Party misconduct.

With the start of World War II, Aris was fighting the Germans in Macedonia. Immediately afterwards he organized an armed struggle on the mountains against the occupiers. In October 1942, Aris with 150 volunteers of ELAS, Zervas with 50 soldiers and nine British saboteurs blew up the Gorgopotamos Bridge. They succeeded to cut off the supply to Rommel in the Middle East. It was the famous Operation Harling.