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Bekas Vanghelis

Bekas Vanghelis

Vagelis Bekas was born in 1976. He studied Mechanic Engineering of Management and Production and also Mass Media. He has worked in the commercial department of a TV channel for several years. He is a member of the art groups Barouak, Videopoetry and Acidart. “Underground 13” was praised as one of the most promising novels of 2009. He is active in the art-group Barouak and co-ordinates the Cultural Portal


"Bekas's writing incorporates the social realism found in Markaris, the style and rhythm of Izzo, and the structural variety, erotic atmosphere and 'left-wing' point of view of Taibo II. This is a well-paced synthesis, a crime novel equal to the famous ones which have been translated in many languages; but with a subtle irony that transcends the srtict 'crime fiction' form."
Yiannis Papayiannis, Eleutheros Typos (Sunday 29/9/2013)

A former Minister is killed by a sniper in his house.

A journalist, thinking at his wife who left him to live in nature, has to investigate faster than the police which is the only chance of the newspaper he works for to survive.

Day by day the New Bios shopping centre engulfs more and more public buildings, roads and squares in its premises. Spreading fast and furiously, New Bios transforms Athens into a post-futuristic corporate city, where employees turn to assume citizenship of New Bios, abiding solely by its rules and its corporate judicial system.

Pavlos was plagiarizing Nobel prize-winning poets; he would play around with words, phrases, meanings and before you knew it the commercial was ready: high literature at the service of the customer. But there would be no more of that. After a government’s directive forcing book-stores to take down all poetry from their shelves, he was at a loss: Where would he turn to now for inspiration?