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Margarita Liberaki

Margarita Liberaki

Margarita Liberaki (1919–2001) was born in Athens and raised by her grandparents, who ran a bookstore and publishing house. She wrote three novels, The Other Alexander (1950) and The Mystery (1976), a number of plays, including Candaules’ Wife (1955) and The Danaïds (1956), part of a cycle she called Mythical Theater, several screenplays, including Jules Dassin’s Phaedra (1962) and Diaspora (1999), about Greek intellectuals in exile in Paris during the junta, and a translation of Treasure Island (2000). Three Summers is now a standard part of Greek and Cypriot public education and was adapted as a television miniseries in 1995. She is the mother of another Greek author, Margarita Karapanou.


A tender story about three sisters coming of age in Greece over the course of three summers, now available after being out of print for over twenty years. Three Summers is the story of three sisters growing up in the countryside near Athens before the Second World War. Living in a big old house surrounded by a beautiful garden are Maria, the oldest sister, as sexually bold as she is eager to settle down and have a family of her own; beautiful but distant Infanta; and dreamy and rebellious Katerina, through whose eyes the story is mostly observed. Over three summers, the girls share and keep secrets, fall in and out of love, try to figure out their parents and other members of the tribe of adults, take note of the weird ways of friends and neighbors, worry about and wonder who they are.

Α Greek classic, praised by Albert Camus when first published in French in 1950.