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In mid-20th-century Piraeus, near the port, different worlds clash. The proletariat against the bourgeoisie. The East against the West. The harsh reality of postwar Greece against superheroic fantasy.

The Collector, a modern adult fairy tale, talks about the alienation of children from one parent after a divorce. The protagonist, Dionysis, waits every morning to take his daughter to school, according to the court’s decision. The mother, however, chooses to put her in a cub. Dionysis begins to record the cubs’ numbers and thus turns into an unusual "collector" of cubs’ numbers.

An expressionist 59 portrait gallery, with actors chosen for their interesting to draw mostly creased faces (Tommy Lee Jones, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons, Clint Eastwood, Isabelle Huppert, Ben Kingsley…)

The book received the best illustration price 2015.

Welcome to Gangrene Street, a scenic trench at the Western Front commanding a majestic view of Hill 35, a typical place to spend the Great War in.


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Aivali deals with the violent expatriation that took place during the war in Asia Minor between the Greeks and the Turks, in the wake of World War I. First the Christians were driven out of their ancestral lands in 1922, and then the Muslims were removed from their homes during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. This graphic novel is a pastiche of 5 stories. One story deals with today (chapters 1 and 6), while the others (chapters 2 through 5) go back to the past, to the humanitarian disaster of 1922 in Asia Minor and to the population exchange (Greeks and Turks, Christians and Muslims) as stipulated by the Convention of Lausanne.

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