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Ο Δυτης


An unknown elderly man orders the detective Chris Pappas to inquire about a young German woman, Eva Dempling.

Γερμανικό Βραβείο Λογοτεχνίας 2013

A man's journey through the no-man’s-land of grief. After his wife Flora’s suicide Darius is hardly able to carry on. When he finds Flora’s secret diary, he gets into his car and starts travelling all over Europe. Just like back when Darius and Flora were young and newly in love. During his journey, he learns from the diary how monstrously vulnerable Flora had always been – and that he hadn't had a clue of any of it.

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Miguel de Unanumo

O φασισμός γιατρεύεται με το διάβασμα κι ο ρατσισμός με τα ταξίδια.