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Nina is 40 years old and lives in Santorini, cooking for the tourists in her small tavern. Her whole life seems squashed between the kitchen and the rooms she takes care for. But her real life is in her imagination.

In August 2004, just before the Athens Olympics begin, the murder of two important Greek athletes is a shock. Were they lovers ? Is the jealous husband the killer ? Everything points to that solution but he is not.

A journalist who was in the past the lover of the husband, his brother and two lawyers will try to find out what really happened and why the husband is trapped.  Their perseverance will bring the truth with its social meaning out.

It is March 2011 and the financial crisis has stretched across the earth. It controls everything and imposes its own rules. But on West 23rd Street, in Manhattan, New York, in one of the most charming hotels in the world, at the Hotel Chelsea, as if in some other place, some other time, someone is trying to keep a promise that he made ten years before: a promise of eternal love.

Shortlisted for the Diavazo short story prize

Dimosthenis Papamarkos’ first collection of short stories has caused a stir on the Greek literary scene. Its title, transliterated as MetaPoesis, means ‘Re-making’, in the sense of stitching up or transforming old/damaged clothes, as well as punning with the idea of ‘Meta-poetry’. Indeed, all the stories are concerned both with how we attempt to remake our lives in the face of trauma, and with the retelling of old narratives (most obviously with a paradigmatic story of trauma, in Cain, and more subtly with concealed allusions to old Greek narratives, including the Odyssey, in Arise). The stories are like the title, sophisticated and many-layered.

This historical novel is based on the true story of Aristodemus the Spartan, as narrated by Herodotus in the books Polymnia and Calliope of his Histories.

The Battle of the Thermopylae has just ended, with the well-known outcome; the royally-descended Aristodemus is the sole survivor out of Leonidas’s 300 warriors. Temporarily blinded, he returns to Sparta, seeking to get back into fighting the Persians once he recovers his eyesight.

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