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The dog of Charyvdis

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A woman who works miracles. A salesgirl whose hormones go berserk. The external form of a man called Stefanos, shifts and changes continuously. A ghost returns. Charyvdis shuts herself up in her house forever, along with her no-name dog. A pair of twelve year old Siamese twins are separated. A man pounds his lover into smithereens as if he were dry herbs. A massacre at an American high school. In the midst of these tales, the author oversees the subjects of his experiments in the manner of a surgeon.  With invisible scalpels he conjoins and divides: carnivorous plants, dogs, cats, little ants, a swan, elephants, Beethoven in the sky and other sights, both familiar and eerie. And on occasion, he even enters himself into the shifting sands of the stories.


Unexpected narratives about the funny and/or dramatic permutations of identity and imaginative alternatives to the unrelenting quest for contact and union.

Eleven broken up phantasmagorias of contemporary life, as similar and dissimilar from each other as one human being from another. As one man from himself. 


Amanatidis Vassilis

Vasilis Amanatides was born in 1970. He studied history and archeology, is an art historian and poet and also writes on subjects related to literature and the fine arts. He translates prose and poetry.