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Stories of 33 1/3 revolutions per minute

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A young couple breaks-up in New York City at the time the Twin Towers collapse. A lawyer looks back on the time when he was a member of a musical group in Memphis and is questioning his present life with relation to the unconventional morality of his then-friend, the female singer of their band. An adherent to the idea and practice of open and uncommitted relationships falls victim to love in Phoenix. A dominatrix tests the limits of a college professor in Paris.

A researcher returns to Athens from Brussels, disconsolate due to his realization that his emotions superseded his intellect. A well-established Greek company goes bankrupt during the recent economic crisis and the owner and C.E.O. seeks to escape the professional and personal dead-ends facing him. A shaman in Peru attempts to restore his connection with a goddess with the help of drugs. 

Seven stories that are playing at 33 1/3 rpm. Words that could be recorded on vinyl. Ideal songs that perch the reader at a cliff's edge uncertain whether he will plunge or soar to the sky. Whether they are phrases that are etched in memory, actions that cause anguish, or decisions that change lives dramatically and irrevocably, all these stories revolve around love. Unrequited love, love for the music that consoles us, for the places where we have lived or traveled through, for the ideas and feelings we tenaciously hold onto, but also love for the doubts and conflicts that arise. Stories with a bitter-sweet taste, rock-and-roll rhythm, and blue color.

186 p., Allotropo, 2012

Trantas Nikos

Nick Trantas hails from the Greek island of Ikaria. He was born in Thessaloniki, was raised in Athens and studied in New York City. He has worked as a researcher as well as in the fields of book publishing and public administration. His non fiction writings related to the social sciences have been published as well.

He enjoys traveling and remaining open to new ideas and experiences, yet he always returns to his home in Athens where he keeps all of his LPs. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and creating stories such as these contained in this book.