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With Eyes Wide Open

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Nine authors* put their take on the Greek reality on paper. The reality they consider invisible or indiscernible to the uninitiated.

Nine photographers record their personal images of the Greek experience in tones that vary from ecstatic, ironic and harsh to romantic.

It was the chasm that always exists between the idea we have of ourselves and the way others see us that provided the initial stimulation for this book. But the views of Greek writers on the image they think Greece presents to the world are also fascinating. Through the spiralling course of pen and lens, beyond literary and visual obsessions, the results reveal how much Greece disappoints the ones who would love to adore it. 

*Assonitis, Chomenidis, Chryssopoulos, Divani, Michalopoulou, Kappa, Karnezis, Karydakis, Sfakianakis 

Karnezis short story is available in english

Kastaniotis, 2004, 220 p.

Fragou Katerina (Editing)

Κaterina Fragou studied French Literature in Athens and Comparative Literature in Paris. She is leading Iris Literary Agency since 1995. She succeeded a lot of translations from all over the world in Greece, and she tries to make known Greek literature abroad. She has done some translations and she works as an editor.

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