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«The Rise and Fall of German Europe» examines the role of Germany in the Eurozone crisis. Its main thesis is based on the two historical processes –the reunification of Germany and the establishment of the common currency- that took place rοughly at the same time and resulted to the revival of an old idea:  the German hegemony over Europe. The book explains why Germany is the great beneficiary of the recession that started from Greece on a political, financial and institutional level and went on to drive several countries to instability together with the Euro itself.

All wines have the potential of one day becoming exceptional. When circumstances coincide conveniently, the course of history can change, and an anonymous wine may suddenly and unexpectedly be found in the front line of branded advertising. It can even result in becoming an example worth emulating, thus creating from the beginning a different story.

The peculiar wines of the world are those that were created randomly, unexpectedly, because nature surpassing her boundaries drifted and deviated from the rules. This exception has a unique quality and peculiarity which can sometimes even be magical.

Based on the film Debtocracy:

Over 10% of the population watched the film within the span of a few weeks

A book-pamphlet, coming straight from the heart of the Greek crisis, the return of the Reich  is an eloquent and concise analysis of how the greek fiscal collapse and the criminal responsibilities of the ruling class have helped Germany to impose a domineering policy in Europe today.

The term Reich has nothing to do with the “Third Reich” as probably many would coherently suppose. It has nothing to do with the Nazis or the concentration camps. It means a unified and integrated Germany which attempts to dominate Europe.

Full description & technical analysis in 12 aviation incidents:

What, Where, When & Why 

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