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28 photos and 28 texts on the city's allure.
The wanderer's consciousness is the perception of a person experiencing the city's oscillation as an emotional flutter – it's the perception of a lonesome Athenian passer-by. The photographic lens and writing of Christos Chryssopoulos merge in this book restoring a strange yet fascinating contact with the world that surrounds us.

“We are ever leaning. A little more each day. We walk aslant to reality, and still we do not fall, we do not stumble, but learn not to let our new angle make our heads spin. And we see everything around us as if it were upright, though nothing is upright. Athens is becoming more and more skewed. And we follow suit.”

Okto, 2015, 68 p.


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Aivali deals with the violent expatriation that took place during the war in Asia Minor between the Greeks and the Turks, in the wake of World War I. First the Christians were driven out of their ancestral lands in 1922, and then the Muslims were removed from their homes during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey. This graphic novel is a pastiche of 5 stories. One story deals with today (chapters 1 and 6), while the others (chapters 2 through 5) go back to the past, to the humanitarian disaster of 1922 in Asia Minor and to the population exchange (Greeks and Turks, Christians and Muslims) as stipulated by the Convention of Lausanne.

Kastaniotis, 2014, 158 p.

Pandelis is married to Georgia; he has a penthouse and a car, for which he's still paying mortgage to the bank, and owns a little shop in downtown Athens. In other words, he is a common man ― with simple dreams and small ambitions. All of a sudden, he sees everything he had built crumble down, gradually vanishing, and cannot comprehend how it is that a collective tragedy can destroy someone who always had the good sense to remain detached.

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