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The amazing adventures of Pug Bear

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Pug bear is not having a good day.

The family he is living with have just moved home to Greece and have had a child.

“That smelly, sticky little human is taking up all their attention and I’ve had enough.”

Pug bear is not a bear to be ignored and, in a fit of jealousy, he decides to leave his home and go off on an adventure.


“Just to show them that I’m not part of the furniture,” he says to the other member of the family, a tiny bear called Brutus. And then Pug does something unforgivable: he calls the little bear a co-habiter.

 “But I thought we were friends” says Brutus, hiding his face so Pug couldn’t see the tears in the little bear’s eyes.

Pug knows he should apology but, as many of us do, he looks for someone else to put the blame on and that someone is the little sticky human!

Pugnacious by name, pugnacious by nature.

He opens the front door and with a heavy heart but a resolute mind, he takes his first step into the outside world.

And that’s when his troubles really start.


‘The amazing adventures of Pug bear’ is a story to entertain not just children but adults too. It’s a story of friendship, love and cheese pies, a story that helps us all to smile, a ‘feel good’ story.

It consists of 20. 000 computer counted words and is aimed at the 7-8 years children’s market.

A wise man once said: “every journey begins with the first step.”

To which Pug would reply: “but where’s the short cut?”

Illustrated by Magali Bonniol

English original text

Patakis, 2012,  140 p.

From the presentation of Pug Bear 2 in Greek bookshops



Glyn-Jones Ben

Benjamin Glyn-Jones was born in England and grew up in Central Africa.

He later returned to England to study and became a Fashion Photographer based in London.

He now resides in Athens and is a Lighting Director for Television.

He is married to his Italian wife Gabriella and has written three film scripts three children’s books and a comic.