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The unimaginable visitor

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Pug bear has been short- tempered to the baby Jo-Jo and for his crime he is visited by an Erinyes, a terrifying mythical creature that will torment him until he is good, selflessly good.

And Pug has a feeling that for him, being good, is going to be terribly bad.

And how right he is for before he can make it up to the little human Jo-Jo has gone missing and Pug and his friend, the Calico cat, are forced to leave in search for him but it is winter and a wild Wolf is thought to be roaming the streets.

Pug is soon off on another amazing adventure which leads him to the Island of Crete.

On the way he will make many friends, try and escape from many enemies and find the little human, and all before his Erinyes drives him to madness.

An original, plenty of humor story, that combines elements of Greek mythology that children will certainly remember long after reading the book.

Illustrated by Magali Bonniol

English original text 

Patakis, 2014


Glyn-Jones Ben

Benjamin Glyn-Jones was born in England and grew up in Central Africa.

He later returned to England to study and became a Fashion Photographer based in London.

He now resides in Athens and is a Lighting Director for Television.

He is married to his Italian wife Gabriella and has written three film scripts three children’s books and a comic.