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The most glamorous, popular and independent woman in the country falls in love. A true media superstar who said : "I am above everybody else and underneath him," exasperating feminists for whom she is their idol.

A great love in the decade 1990 -2000.

He is a gifted writer, solitary, introverted and eccentric, descended from the wildest, socially deprived neighbourhood of the port of Piraeus. He worked in the advertising but decided to stop his successful career and devote himself to his writing. 

Athens, in some vague but maybe near future…

An unsuspecting woman, journalist of medical reports, arrives in a weird psychiatric clinic to gather information about a strange patient. Unfolding his memories through his writings and works of art, she’ll discover the obsession of this isolated man with the escapement from the tyranny of time and the traumas of memory, while, along with the reader, she will confront the dark wonders of adolescence and the horror of the absolute Evil that uses the deserted centre of a dying city as its hideout. She experiences the awe of the end of Time and takes the fatal step to meet her other half, unwittingly risking her own existence.

Day by day the New Bios shopping centre engulfs more and more public buildings, roads and squares in its premises. Spreading fast and furiously, New Bios transforms Athens into a post-futuristic corporate city, where employees turn to assume citizenship of New Bios, abiding solely by its rules and its corporate judicial system.

Pavlos was plagiarizing Nobel prize-winning poets; he would play around with words, phrases, meanings and before you knew it the commercial was ready: high literature at the service of the customer. But there would be no more of that. After a government’s directive forcing book-stores to take down all poetry from their shelves, he was at a loss: Where would he turn to now for inspiration?

The four most popular presenters on Greek television are kidnapped by a previously unheard-of terrorist organization, whose members incarcerate them in a basement fitted out as a television studio. They tie them back to back, fill the space with monitors and video walls and record them 24/7, broadcasting everything that happens inside on a closed circuit, and playing all the kidnappees’ old programmes —every last one of them— on the monitors.

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