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The Divine Book of Ungodly Recipes, How To Bake Your Own God was published in 2005 by Periplous Publishers. It is a tongue-in-cheek book on faith, or lack thereof.

It reads like a cookbook, containing 18 recipes on how to bake your own God. The first sixteen Gods cater to more specific needs (e.g. finding true love, losing weight, getting appliances to stop malfunctioning, coping with stress, getting laid, dealing with dilemmas, etc.) The last two gods are more sombrely written, and talk about how to cope with the adversities of life. There is also a snacks addendum containing minor saints – all humorous.

The novel centers around the life of 9-year-old Astarte and her parents. What made them a

family? What will keep them together, when forces bigger than themselves threaten to tear them apart?

Everything begins when Astarte gets abducted by child-traffickers. Her parents respond differently to the crisis. They hire private detectives to assist the police in their search for their daughter. Her father comes up with a desperate plan to infiltrate the world of child trafficking and find his daughter that way. Her mother spirals into drug-induced apathy.

Thessaloniki 1945. Stavros is an evil man and he makes his best to betray Jewish people when asked by nazis. This is just because he wants to become rich.

Thesaloniki 2006. Moses and Ariane are facing Romeo and Julietta problems when they want to be together. Will History destroy their lives ? Will justice win after 50 years ?  And will love survive time and differences ?

August 1965. Wannsee lake. Berlin. A family trying to escape breaks in pieces.

October 1986. West Berlin. Athens. Tucson. The remain of the family trying to unite again.

November 1994. Florence. Three people in passionate relations.

August 2002. Siros island. Greece. Someone’s return.

A well-known Athenian essayist starts publishing horror stories under the pen name ‘Magellan’ in order to earn some more money. The fear of discovery prompts him to move to Paris. Three years later, on the ground floor of his apartment block, he discovers a plaque with the name ‘Magellan’ written in Greek script. Who could have put it there? Why? Suddenly the characters get into strange situations and the hero is drawn into dangerous adventures, which get totally out of hand. Magellan hovers over the pages like a historical figure, as a fantasy, as an ally, as an enemy. But nothing remotely hints at the unpredictable turn things will take.

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