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Sunday, October 4, 2009: The day of the legislative elections. While Greece is on the threshold of a new phase in its history, with the global financial crisis knocking persistently on her door, two people come together under unexpected circumstances: Vassilis, a taciturn nineteen-year-old trying to solve the riddle of his father’s suicide, and petros, a middle-aged journalist mourning the death of his wife for many years.

In the beginning of the last century Aneza and Linardos marry, defying their social class differences, but their love will not survive their marriage.

Their daughter Venice will grow up with Anghelos, the son of a steward, a handsome man with a limp. Venice will marry a shipowner but will become Angelo’s mistress. Living on an island in a small community their life will be difficult which will cause their love to die. They will part even though they have a daughter in secret.

Lambros P. lives all alone for years in Germany hiding from something. During the festivities of 2004 Olympics in Athens he decides to return when he reads in a Greek newspaper that Theophilos, an old torturer of the junta is actually in the hospital but was during all these years –after 1974- member of the party of extreme right.

Revenge is calling Lambros P. back to his country.

 Alcibiades- l’ enfant terrible of Greece- in season as never before, was a democrat in Athens, an oligarchic in Sparta, a royalist in Persia, an anarchist in Thrace; and after his passing through them… none of these places would be the same any longer! 

 While the rope is tightening deathly around him, Alcibiades confides everything in the beautiful hetaera Timandra, speaking even of the reasons which led him to treason…

The author spent five years (research-writing) with the case of Alcibiades.

Somebody leaves his home in the middle of the night, ready for the big adventure. We don’t know where he’s going, but apparently neither does he. He will meet some strange people –or is he the strange one ?- and a speaking duck and they will continue together their trip to nowhere. But the police will stop them and they will be conducted to prison where they cannot stay as one of the words they use, “Democracy” doesn’t exist in the Dictionary.

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