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While diving in the deep waters of a small Aegean island, Manos Karpidis will catch a glimpse of a beautiful nude woman who will swiftly disappear. Manos will ask around about her but no one seems to know anything. A couple of days later he will meet the woman again and they will both embark on a relationship full of passion and mystery. The body of a murdered man found just off the island will create havoc as the police come over and start questioning people.

They nicknamed me “Alley Cat!” as if they were the ultimate judges of morality. I never knew my father and grew up in an orphanage after my mother perished in that fire. I fell in love, was betrayed and ended up in hospital my soul and body in shatters. That is when I decided never to let anyone come close enough to hurt me again. Yes, I did use men. But, did they not get what they came after me for? My husband was not a “Don” as people said.

Are recurring dreams an omen? Are they warnings? Or are they a manifestation of a disturbed mind? From high society Boston across the ocean to London’s West End we follow Julia’s steps as struggles with her kaleidoscopic nightmare.

With her mind on the brink of an abyss, Julia will resort to bizarre methods in order to safeguard her marriage to the man she is obsessed with. Robert, Julia’s husband, is trapped out of honor and loyalty, in a marriage of compassion devoid of happiness. While on a business trip to Rome, among ancient ruins Robert will meet a woman who will give him all the happiness, the laughter and tenderness he has been missing.

This is a non-fiction book on Athens, where poverty is gaining place and making Athenians feel very differently from some years ago. The author is walking around the city and takes photographs of people who are living in conditions where dignity seems forgotten. One part of the book consists of a dialogue with an Athenian homeless whom Chryssopoulos met for some days and it also contains photos.

A woman travels continuously, with her back turned to time and space. A little girl wants to

become Christ and, up to a certain point, she isn't doing too badly. A grandmother wakes up from anesthesia speaking French. A flooded room. A concert at the music venue 'Gagarin'. An add. Two Angels, one make-believe and one false. A train crossing a room. A marriage proposal. 'Knifed Time' and a series of suspects. 'A Clueless Fairy'. The 'Garden of Ephemeral Delights'. The deadliest sin.

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