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Maroutsou Elena

Maroutsou Elena

Elena Maroutsou was born in Athens in 1967. She studied history at the School of Philosophy of Athens and did her postgraduate degree in literature and fine arts at Reading University, England. She has worked in photography and collage. Between the train and the platform is her third book.

A woman tries to understand herself and face her awkward situation. For this, she decides to follow Alice at the other side of the mirror. But her wonderland doesn’t last. Between psychoanalysis and tale telling, a woman of 39 tries to survive without loosing her mind after she loses a baby when she is three months pregnant.

Elena Maroutsou has wittingly combined reality and dreams to create a light atmosphere -based on humorous and sometimes surrealistic situations- that becomes oppressive before the blooming end.

Kedros, 200 p.


A woman travels continuously, with her back turned to time and space. A little girl wants to

become Christ and, up to a certain point, she isn't doing too badly. A grandmother wakes up from anesthesia speaking French. A flooded room. A concert at the music venue 'Gagarin'. An add. Two Angels, one make-believe and one false. A train crossing a room. A marriage proposal. 'Knifed Time' and a series of suspects. 'A Clueless Fairy'. The 'Garden of Ephemeral Delights'. The deadliest sin.