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Plaitakis Babis

Plaitakis Babis

Babis Plaitakis was born in 1949. He studied medicine and art and he has worked for emissions concerning art on TV. He has also worked for the theatre and cinema and organized some cultural events on Art. 

 Alcibiades- l’ enfant terrible of Greece- in season as never before, was a democrat in Athens, an oligarchic in Sparta, a royalist in Persia, an anarchist in Thrace; and after his passing through them… none of these places would be the same any longer! 

 While the rope is tightening deathly around him, Alcibiades confides everything in the beautiful hetaera Timandra, speaking even of the reasons which led him to treason…

The author spent five years (research-writing) with the case of Alcibiades.

In the 16th century in Crete, when the isle was under Venetian occupation, a rebel, who was sentenced to death by the authorities, escapes and finds shelter at the painter Domenicos Theotocopoulos’s atelier. His wounds still bleeding, he poses for the “Passion of Christ”, Domenicos’s last painting before he moved abroad.