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The sweet delicacy of madness

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Christine can’t face her mother, can’t face reality and doesn’t want to be punished. So she escapes into an imaginary world of her own every time she wants to avoid a conflictual situation. 

When her imaginary reality enters in conflict with the reality of her family and Christine is facing madness, she decides to reinvent her life so as to find her voice that hasn’t been heard till she was born thinking her twin sister died because of her. In 16 chapters, from childhood to adulthood, Christine fights with love for the family, fear to be sincere and rage at not being able to express herself. She is driven through madness to the truth, with a train. A moving first novel, a fragmented writing subject, a very strong psychanalytic touch. Ultimately, the proposition of the book is a new comprehensible language of madness in the light of Foucault. The reader is being asked to come up against his own fears, without getting scared.

Iridanos, 2010, 200 p.


Katsomiti Lena

Katsomiti Lena was born in Athens in 1975, where she currently lives and works. She graduated from the School of Pharmacy of the University of Athens and has master degrees in Political Science and in European Community Law.

She works in the Public Sector as a pharmacist in various organisms such as the Social Security Fund of Health people, the National Organization of Medicines, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Ministry of Health. “The sweet delicacy of madness” is her first book.