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The double identity of mind

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Vassilis Zois, a student from a small Greek village, studies Medicine and travels to China, where he imports seeds of a scared plant.

In the village he meets Eugenia and falls in love with her but he only meets her once and afterwards he leaves. He dreams of marrying her and so leaves the university and works in a construction company to raise money. When, after some time, he returns, Eugenia has got engaged to someone else. For the next two summers she strives to reestablish a connection with him, he treats her with rampant contempt. He moves with his family to Athens permanently.

20 years later Vassilis returns to the island, now having found work in a psychiatric clinic. He thinks he has met Eugenia again, that she has not changed at all, only to realize that that person is her daughter, Ersi. He falls in love with her. She responds but finds out the truth from an old sketch and pulls back. Vassilis attempts to rape her but regrets it last minute. He starts receiving threatening phone calls. He moves back to Athens for a while, where someone tries to kill him.

In order to forget the event and for the killer to lose his trails, he plans a trick. He hires 3 actresses and travels as a tourist. There, he meets Yannis Papayannis, the author and narrator of the book, who flirts with one of the actresses. The next morning, the actress is dead and Vassilis and the other women have disappeared.

The writer returns to Athens and faces a deep depression, equivalent to the country’s state. However, he discovers the traces of one of the actresses and finally gets to Vassilis, who is now married to Ersi.

He travels in winter to meet him, to the island where Vassilis works and learns the truth. Meanwhile, the killer who is chasing Vassilis has also traced him.

The final confrontation will take place in an isolated house, besieged by evil.

It appears that the killer is Vassilis himself. A psychopath, enclosed in a psychiatric clinic, he has a confused sense of time and has mixed right and wrong.

A black love story, a dark thriller, a parable with elements of parody about the financial and institutional crisis and the fate of Greece and Europe. A novel of demons and paranoia, written with an atypical language and an atypical, extreme structure. A cry of desperation. A solution.

English extracts available

Kritiki, 2015, 256p.

Papayannis Yannis

Yannis Papayannis was born in 1963 in Athens. He studied Physics and has a Master in Computers. He has written 4 novels, short stories and scenarios. One of his short stories has been a short film.

He is columnist in different newspapers and cultural magazines and he collaborates as a reviewer with different e-magazines.