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Bureau of uncommon inquiries

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A public employee working at the Bureau of Uncommon Inquiries receives the first request ever deposited at this Department since its making.

With the help of the cleaning lady who works in the afternoons in the public building, together they start on a few day journey to complete the task of finding the answer to the question of the request. Their destination is an island where life has remained in the past, by choice of its inhabitants!

At the same time, the weird puzzle of the story is completed by an irritating fellow traveler, an old lady in pink, a tailor that loves opera, a Sir with a purple tie, several people who all hear to the name Benny, a sheriff who enforces law and order on the island and his simple-minded assistant, a writer and his servant, the island’s sharp seignior, a hermit fisherman with his dog, an acquaintance from the past, a lost queen and many others.

The answer to the question might be given, but what about the question?

A novel that reminds Kafka’s anxiety in a tale-like world.

Modern Times, 2011, 292 p.

Lotos Feris

The “Bureau of Uncommon Inquiries” was written as a wedding present of the author to his wife, who has also design the book cover. Together they co-wrote the children’s book “The Lord of the World” (2007), an illustrated edition in Greek.  He was born and is living in Athens, Greece.