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Nina is 40 years old and lives in Santorini, cooking for the tourists in her small tavern. Her whole life seems squashed between the kitchen and the rooms she takes care for. But her real life is in her imagination.

Nina was married to Jose, a Portuguese who arrived by night on the island and had a secret past which is still unrevealed after his death. 

Theirdaughter Carmen dreams of becoming rich and is ready to sacrifice even her love for Stratos the archeologist to succeed.She will become the mistress of Spyros, a man at her father’s age who will become the lover of Nina too as he is searching for a treasure.

Buried temples, ancient myths and legends seem to hide behind the mystery of this family only an abbot knows but he cannot tell, bound by the secret of confession.

Margariti Argyro

ArgyroMargariti was born and raised in Athens. She studied Greek and French Literature, and she became a teacher in Greece and Brussels. “Vinsanto” is her third novel.

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