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Winterbound or the ants’ system

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This novel takes place on an island with no airport and where the boats do not travel to during the winter months due to cuts in the public expenses. Thus creating a winter bound island.  During the winter, the inhabitants have to live with what they can stock in their warehouses.


Years ago, on this island a ship-owner was born and his love for it was so large  that at his death, he left his heritage to it, comprising mostly of the only valuable thing that still belonged to him: his personal library.

His nephews try to impose the library to the islanders as this is a condition to receive some money left to them by their uncle. They hire the services of Eleni, a jobless booklover, who will go to the island and try to make the inhabitants read. She will succeed but by awakening the consciousness of the Islanders some new problems will be created.

Will they keep the library on the island or is this a problem for them?  

Maria Schubert’s style is full of humor and dialogue which reveals the characters she writes about. The narration is symbolic as the island is a microcosm of a crisis: money problems, pessimism, no way out, corruption, fascism and problems with immigrants seeking for a better life.  With a deep sympathetic view point she describes a wide gallery of characters. What the author shows us is how a crisis can be creative and make people change for the better, even though in the beginning they are reluctant to do that.

Kritiki, 395 p.


Schubert Maria

Maria Schubert was born in 1979 in Munich, the daughter of a German father and a Greek mother. She moved to Greece where she attended the German school. She wrote her first novel when she was eighteen years old which was published by Polis publishers.  She then studied theatrology and wrote theatrical plays. She now works in public relations and continues to write novels, short stories and children’s tales.

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