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Lambros P. lives all alone for years in Germany hiding from something. During the festivities of 2004 Olympics in Athens he decides to return when he reads in a Greek newspaper that Theophilos, an old torturer of the junta is actually in the hospital but was during all these years –after 1974- member of the party of extreme right.

Revenge is calling Lambros P. back to his country.


His rough childhood has made him a torturer during the Greek Junta and that’s his big secret. He left his country when he thought he had killed Theophilos who was his psychological torturer, They grew up in the same village.

But how has Theophilos succeeded to keep his past as a torturer secret and live a normal life after the fall of Junta ? 

This novel narrates the stories of two torturers and focuses on the personal mechanisms and social conditions which can make human a beast. 

Kastaniotis, 353 p.

Rachiotis  Thodoris

Was born in 1965 in Sparta. He is now living in Athens, works as lawyer and has a daughter. This is his first novel. It was featured in the short list for the Diavazo awards.