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Between the train and the platform

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A woman travels continuously, with her back turned to time and space. A little girl wants to

become Christ and, up to a certain point, she isn't doing too badly. A grandmother wakes up from anesthesia speaking French. A flooded room. A concert at the music venue 'Gagarin'. An add. Two Angels, one make-believe and one false. A train crossing a room. A marriage proposal. 'Knifed Time' and a series of suspects. 'A Clueless Fairy'. The 'Garden of Ephemeral Delights'. The deadliest sin.

A strange story of transgression, where reality reflects imagination, humor reflects anxiety and fabulation reflects painting, as the entire novel is articulated along a series of paintings by Rene Magritte - each chapter corresponding to one of his paintings. A book that arrests the reader up until the last page, just like s/he would be transfixed by a surrealist gallery or a baroque room with mirrors.

Excerpt translation in french and italian

Kastaniotis, 2008, 375 p.


Maroutsou Elena

Elena Maroutsou was born in Athens in 1967. She studied history at the School of Philosophy of Athens and did her postgraduate degree in literature and fine arts at Reading University, England. She has worked in photography and collage. Between the train and the platform is her third book.

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