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In the first novella in the book, an ancient Chinese book on chess falls into the hands of Mr Morgan. As the old man begins reading the book, he discovers that it possesses the power to make its readers relive their past. However, this book’s power is not without a cost… In the second novella, two friends are shipwrecked in the middle of the Indian Ocean and are picked up by the crew of a cruise liner on its way to Macao. However, the two heroes soon realize that they are trapped on a voyage that conceals many secrets and riddles.


French translation available

Two novellas, Metaixmio, 224 p.


Konomara Lila

Lila Konomara was born in Athens in 1960. She studied contemporary literature in Paris and worked for several years as a professor at the French Institute in Athens. She now works as a translator. For her book Macao she received the Diavazo prize for best first-time author in 2003. And The Dinner was in the short-list of Diavazo prize. In 2017 she was invited in the Villa Concordia project where she finished Let this world remain.

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Rhea Galanaki

L’eau salée de la mer ne renvoie jamais l’image d’un visage. Son bleu étant celui des contes de fées, il ne nous reflète pas, mais peut nous entraîner dans un autre monde.