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Four Seasons – Detail

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Four seasons succeed one another, compressing the aroma of an entire life: a huge piano, no longer in use, one hundred and twenty eight pairs of shoes hidden in a room. In front of the window, crimson flowers grow day by day, as if in an abnormal way. Three voices unravel a story: a man, a woman and a narrator – or is it the man who rewrites facts? The past and the present come to light through parallel monologues and silence. Pauses. Dashes. Lives fixed on a detail.

Metaixmio, 144 p.

Konomara Lila

Lila Konomara was born in Athens in 1960. She studied contemporary literature in Paris and worked for several years as a professor at the French Institute in Athens. She now works as a translator. For her book Macao she received the Diavazo prize for best first-time author in 2003. And The Dinner was in the short-list of Diavazo prize. In 2017 she was invited in the Villa Concordia project where she finished Let this world remain.

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