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Dimitris Skouros is still in prison. He succeeds in solving a very complicated case by carefully listening to what some of the people who are involved say and by paying close attention to how their memory has changed their perceptions of what they actually saw. If he won't be able to teach again when he gets out of jail, then he can always become a successful author.

Dimitris Skouros is now free. Out of prison, a rich woman is waiting for him and hires him to kill her husband, Petros Valerios. The murder has to appear to be an accident, such as the one Dimitris Skouros faked when he stole someone else's identity. The price for this "accident" is a hefty sum of money.

This novel is based on the true story of the Germans Herman Duft and Hans Basenaouer, both 31 years old, who arrived in Greece in the spring of 1969, stating that they had come for tourism and business, but over the next forty days committed five robberies and six heinous murders. The police authorities of the Greek military dictatorship -minded, especially, the suppression of any dissident activity- was unable to follow the tracks of the two killers. At the same time, the regime refused to make public the facts so as not to disturb the climate of “law and order” that they had carefully propagandized.

A large, well known wine company, located in Sancerre in the Loire River valley, with subsidiary companies among others in Greece, is responsible for the illegal trafficking of rough diamonds.

The head of the police investigation, a man of unconventional methods, Jean Michel, is very close to solving the case when Christina Deli, a Greek enologist working for the company and who collaborating with him, has an accident while traveling to Santorini and remains in coma.

Beware of the past…

Athens, December 2008. Alexangelos Elephantis is a 40 years old ex boxer, who failed his title fight due to a heart problem. He leaves alone stuck to his inglorious past - the death of his ex girlfriend Athena and the loss of the title - drinking beers and listening to rock music. He owns a gym but the bank wants to confiscate it due to an old debt.

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Rhea Galanaki

L’eau salée de la mer ne renvoie jamais l’image d’un visage. Son bleu étant celui des contes de fées, il ne nous reflète pas, mais peut nous entraîner dans un autre monde.