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Anders Economides is trying to balance his life between his family and his demanding job as an Inspector, at Örebro’s PD. Unlike many Scandinavian cops, he’s not an alcoholic; he doesn’t suffer from depression; but he’s a junkie of his own kind.  He gets his fix by solving crimes and helping justice prevail.  In fact, after quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes with a komboloi, a traditional Greek rosary, that is used by former smokers to keep their fingers busy, solving crimes is his only fix.  That explains his fixation on Johan Linné, a former Marine officer, who runs an underground drug business.

Beware of the past…

Athens, December 2008. Alexangelos Elephantis is a 40 years old ex boxer, who failed his title fight due to a heart problem. He leaves alone stuck to his inglorious past - the death of his ex girlfriend Athena and the loss of the title - drinking beers and listening to rock music. He owns a gym but the bank wants to confiscate it due to an old debt.

A former Minister is killed by a sniper in his house.

A journalist, thinking at his wife who left him to live in nature, has to investigate faster than the police which is the only chance of the newspaper he works for to survive.

In August 2004, just before the Athens Olympics begin, the murder of two important Greek athletes is a shock. Were they lovers ? Is the jealous husband the killer ? Everything points to that solution but he is not.

A journalist who was in the past the lover of the husband, his brother and two lawyers will try to find out what really happened and why the husband is trapped.  Their perseverance will bring the truth with its social meaning out.

A large, well known wine company, located in Sancerre in the Loire River valley, with subsidiary companies among others in Greece, is responsible for the illegal trafficking of rough diamonds.

The head of the police investigation, a man of unconventional methods, Jean Michel, is very close to solving the case when Christina Deli, a Greek enologist working for the company and who collaborating with him, has an accident while traveling to Santorini and remains in coma.

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