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A former Minister is killed by a sniper in his house.

A journalist, thinking at his wife who left him to live in nature, has to investigate faster than the police which is the only chance of the newspaper he works for to survive.

Anders Economides is trying to balance his life between his family and his demanding job as an Inspector, at Örebro’s PD. Unlike many Scandinavian cops, he’s not an alcoholic; he doesn’t suffer from depression; but he’s a junkie of his own kind.  He gets his fix by solving crimes and helping justice prevail.  In fact, after quitting smoking and replacing cigarettes with a komboloi, a traditional Greek rosary, that is used by former smokers to keep their fingers busy, solving crimes is his only fix.  That explains his fixation on Johan Linné, a former Marine officer, who runs an underground drug business.

The smart solve their problems, but the wise don't let them emerge at all, goes an old saying. You can't call me wise, since I got into trouble without realizing it. Well, no big deal. Besides, my life bears irrefutable witness to the fact that I have never claimed wisdom. But now I had to be smart. Why didn't I go to the cops and tell them everything I knew? Why didn't I even tell my wife? Since all my life I always found a simple, clear-cut and wrong solution to every problem, I decided to keep my mouth shut.

Markos talks Mari into moving from Athens to Tinos, so as to realize his dream of a quiet life away from the city, “...where there is time for everything and there is no haste.” On his very first day on the island, he is an eye-witness to a bank robbery. An old friend, a mysterious woman and a bizarre coincidence bring him to Myconos, face to face with the robbers. Will he resist the temptations brought forth so unexpectedly by his new life? When the murders begin, the situation becomes dangerously complicated, and things unfold in an unpredictable way, with a barrage of reversals. An adventure among the picturesque Cycladic alleys, driven by human passion and alternative moral codes which do not differentiate between perpetrator and victim...

The haber ruleCan the economic crisis bring the ghost of fascism in Europe back to life?

Marianna, a 30-year-old Greek lawyer, is totally dedicated to the objective of the “Germany for a United Europe” organization, namely the spreading of German culture. Her romance with the German head of the organization, the charming cosmopolitan Otto Schandau, is an extra motive for her to work even harder towards her goals.

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Rhea Galanaki

L’eau salée de la mer ne renvoie jamais l’image d’un visage. Son bleu étant celui des contes de fées, il ne nous reflète pas, mais peut nous entraîner dans un autre monde.