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Martinidis Petros

Martinidis Petros

 Petros Martinidis teaches critical architectural theory. He has also taught art and journalism. He has written books about aesthetic forms, marginal literature and cartoons, as well as four detective novels (a tetralogy). Petros Martinidis' novels are classic examples of the detective genre; they delightfully surprise the reader with their fascinating plots and interesting characters.

Dimitris Skouros is now free. Out of prison, a rich woman is waiting for him and hires him to kill her husband, Petros Valerios. The murder has to appear to be an accident, such as the one Dimitris Skouros faked when he stole someone else's identity. The price for this "accident" is a hefty sum of money.

Dimitris Skouros is still in prison. He succeeds in solving a very complicated case by carefully listening to what some of the people who are involved say and by paying close attention to how their memory has changed their perceptions of what they actually saw. If he won't be able to teach again when he gets out of jail, then he can always become a successful author.

Haris Chaidis meets the beautiful wife of a rich but old architect and they become lovers. Feeling exploited by his cousin, who employs him as an underpaid petty bureaucrat, he decides to rob him. The robbery seems to have been a success, but when Haris opens the bag, it is filled with nothing but blank paper.

Then, when the police knock on his door to arrest him, it is not for the robbery but for the murder of the architect!

In jail, Haris meets Dimitris Skouros, the main character in Acting Out, who gives him a plausible explanation of events.

When he is released from prison, Haris confirms Skouros’ version of events. He exposes his mistress, kills the person who tricked him during the robbery, and gets himself killed in the process, as well.

 Italian and Spanish rights sold

Dimitris Skouros has been missing for years without anybody ever searching for him. A few years later, a determined police officer questions a university professor who used to be the missing person’s friend and, with the help of an ambitious policewoman, a case of identity theft is solved.

 Italian and Spanish rights sold

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